Chez Putters offers you 7 beautiful Black Crown pool tables and 1 Black Crown snooker table.

Chez putters is a place where playing a few games of pool is exciting again.

The perfectly leveled Brunswick Gold Crown tables covered with their Simonis 860 Cloth and Aramith Tournament balls will ensure that you will have fun no matter your skill level.

Even the lighting has been well thought out. Custom 8 foot lighting with diamond parabolic lenses best distributes the light over the table to minimize shadows and eliminates the dark spots sometimes seen at other pool halls.

Being in a first class billiard room shouldn’t intimidate you if you consider yourself a beginner because everyone can have fun. Learning the game in this kind of environment best ensures that you will learn it the best way possible. And, the tables are arranged in such a way that no one will be watching you anyway.


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